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Trap Monitoring System (TMS)

The Trap Monitoring System enables you to know when and where your facilities have been serviced along with a full comprehensive IPM report.


Be completely on top of all your facilities nationwide.

Formulated for our clients with numerous nationwide facilities, especially in the food manufacturing and logistic sectors.

The Trap Monitoring System gives you a live view of all your facilities.

During our service, Trap technicians record all important service data through a device barcoded system providing you with all the information you’ll need, such as:

  • A Comprehensive Service Report for each site.
  • A Facility Schematic Map showing all installed devices.
  • Pest Activity at each device within each site.
  • Pest Activity trend reports
  • A list of SFDA approved pesticides used at your facility.
  • Any site discrepancies in need of improvement.
  • Proactive recommendations to management to further improve site standards.
  • Compliance Documents to help you through your Audit Process.