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Stray Animal (Dog and Cat) Control

Stray Dogs and Cats are becoming an increasing concern nationwide.
Stray animals can damage structures, contaminate food supplies, and negatively impact the environment.

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Stray dogs present safety issues when they roam in packs, cause traffic accidents, attack residents and spread a variety of diseases, such as rabies which is transmittable to humans.

Stray feral cats can pose threats to facilities and be a health risk if they encounter humans. They can also pass along diseases to pet cats such as cat flu or ringworms.

A cat with red circles representing the stary cats service
Trap Pest Control

Trap Pest Control will conduct a thorough inspection of your facility and suggest the best integrated management options to proof your facility against the entry of any stray animals and formulate a plan to remove existing ones.

Stray animals are caught using humane baiting techniques. Once caught they are taken to animal shelters or removed and placed a distance away from the problem area.

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