With Termites, What you can't see is the problem. Your biggest investment may be at risk. Termites would love to make a meal of your home, and they can and do cause enormous damage in a short space of time.

Like all living creatures, Termites need food to Survive. Cellulose, found in Wood is their main food source. Termites in the soil continuously search for wood which puts your home or building at immediate risk.

Termites tunnel their way into wooden structures, set up a Colony and the destruction begins from there. Over time, they can cause extreme damage and will feed on the wood until nothing is left but a shell. Termite Colonies eat non-stop, 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Trap's Termite Solutions can eliminate this risk.

Termite Control
Termite Control


Pre-Construction Termite Treatment-Termite Proofing

Our company will be based its proposal from the specifications required by the consultant or the contractor. This includes the choices of termiticides and the type of treatment needed on site.

Post Construction Termite Treatment

TRAP will send its Pest Control Professional to investigate the area, look for possible sources and entry points of termites and also assess the damage.

TRAP offers from termite injection , wood preservation to baiting system depending on the result of the inspection.