General Pest Control

Internal Treatment

Internal Treatment:

A thorough inspection will be conducted to identify Infested Areas and Potential Risk Areas.
Infested areas will be treated and those areas that are likely to become infested (as revealed from the inspection) will be given preventative treatment.

External Treatment

External Treatment:

This will be administered along the perimeter of the premises, at any possible entry points, manholes and garbage areas.

Rodent Control

Rodent Control:

A comprehensive inspection will be conducted to find all possible entry points for Rats and Mice. Any areas of infestation will be treated accordingly and a Rodent Control Solution will be formulated through the use of Chemical Repellents, Bait stations and Traps.

General Pest Control

General Pest Control (GPC)

General prevention and elimination of common pests



Used to control Mosquitoes, Flies and other such pests covering large areas.

ULV Treatment

ULV-Ultra Low Volume Treatment:

Flying insect pests such as Houseflies and Mosquitoes are eliminated efficiently.